Episode 5 – The Punk Lexicon, with Joshua Sosin

Loud music, 27 hours on a bike, and a crowd-sourced translation of a giant ancient dictionary.

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Joshua Sosin is Associate Professor of Classics at Duke University. He is co-director of the Duke Databank for Documentary Papyri and director of the Duke Collaboratory for Classics Computing (DC3), where you can learn more about the translation projects he discussed on the show:  Harpokration online and Photios online. If you’d like to contribute there are instructions here. Josh has also written numerous articles on Greek law, citizenship, inscriptions, and papyri.

Special thanks on this episode to Barry Lam, producer and host of the podcast HiPhiNation, a show that brings together philosophy and human stories, everything from war to cover bands. He even covers some ancient material in Season 2, Episode 3 on Pythagoras and Hippias of Metapontum. Listen here or wherever you get your podcasts.

Episode Music:

augen: “traummaschine”
Blue Dot Sessions: “Cirrus”
Haram: “In-Studio Performance”
Kevin MacLeod: “Summon the Rawk”
Le Tigre: “Fake French”
Lonely Punk: “Left the Building”
Loyalty Freak Music: “After Party”
Monplaisir: “One”
Night Birds: “Mutiny at Muscle Beach”
Podington Bear: “Skeptic”
Tagirijus: “Fast Transaction”
Vitamin Pets: “The Fang”