Episode 10 – Vassar College Seniors 2019

What the study of Greco-Roman antiquity means to seven seniors graduating from Vassar College: Gray Alexander, Kelly Bernatzky, Leah Clark, Olivia Martin, Caelie McRobert, Noah Purdy, and Jake Tereden.

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If you enjoyed hearing graduating seniors talk about what studying the Greco-Roman World meant to them, check out Episode 6 of The Mirror of Antiquity for more.

More information about Vassar Anthropology Professor April Beisaw’s excavation at the Franklin D. Roosevelt National Historic Site can be found in “Tales in the Trash” and you can see a video of the crew’s work here.

Episode Music:

Blue Dot Sessions: “The Summit”
Blue Dot Sessions: “True Blue Sky”
Blue Dot Sessions: “Ghost Byzantine”
Blue Dot Sessions: “Valantis”
Podington Bear: “Surface Tension 3”
Blue Dot Sessions: “Hickory Shed”
Blue Dot Sessions: “Away Game”