Episode 7 – Society for Classical Studies annual meeting 2018

Conversations with sixteen classical scholars from the 2018 meeting of the Society for Classical Studies.

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The Mirror of Antiquity set up our microphone outside one of the departmental receptions at the annual meeting for professional Classical scholars and asked them “What excites you about the study of Classical antiquity?” Thanks to everyone who agreed to participate:

Evelyn Adkins
Sarah Bond (@SarahEBond), editor in chief of the Society for Classical Studies blog
Brandon Jones
Ellen Lee (@EllenLeePhD)
Evan Lee
Annie Lyons
Lindsey Mazurek (@effiedarling194)
Katie Micos
Kristen Millions
Joshua Nudell (@jpnudell)
Bram ten Berge
Gregory Tucker
Hillary Walkin
Bryan Whitchurch (@bryanwhitchurch)
Adam Wiznura
Elizabeth Wueste

Eos Africana is the group studying the contributions of African American classical scholars to the study of antiquity, as well as the ways that people of African descent have engaged with the classical past.

Episode Music:

Blue Dot Sessions: “Cases to Rest”, “Inamorata”

Podington Bear: “Beautocracy”, “Big Blue”, “Building Time Lapse”, “Fives”, “Kingston Town”, “Transient”