Episode 3 – The Lost World, with Matthew Wright

How do you study a world that’s been almost entirely lost? And when you do, what do you notice about the loss of our own cultural heritage?

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Matthew Wright is Professor of Greek at the University of Exeter. His Lost Plays of Greek Tragedy (in two volumes) presents English translations of all the surviving fragments of ancient Greek tragedy, including many that have never been translated into English before. He is also the author of the introduction and notes to new translations of Euripides’ Ion, Helen, and Orestes, as well as The Comedian as Critic, Euripides’ Escape Tragedies, and numerous articles on ancient Greek drama and literature.

Episode Music:

Marcel Pequel: “April”, “June”, “December”, “Six”

Julie Maxwell the Princess of Mars:  “Odyssey”, “Mars Landscape: Sun Set”, “Mars Landscape: Moon Set”

Antethic: “Fragments”